Some errors are very frequent: now you can avoid them

Some errors are very frequent: now you can avoid them

When you decide to put your property on sale, you must bear in mind that you are about to start an operation in a very competitive market that is constantly renewing. Many times and for certain reasons there are details that can make a difference when it comes to selling or not.

In this article, we present some of the most common mistakes and their solutions to ensure that a good job is done in the sale offer.


1- Put only the poster of sold

Not so many years ago it was much more common to see posters selling on facades now, but the sales processes have been changing and now many owners opt for other types of visibility techniques.

Putting a poster of sold with a contact phone is still a correct way to advertise the offer of sale of the property, but if you want to sell more effectively, this technique will fall short and you will lose many potential customers, considerably increasing the probability of that the time of sale is extended.


2- Do not advertise in different real estate portals

Today's buyers search through the Internet for the home they want because of the convenience of searching from their own computer or smartphone and the large number of products for sale they find. Definitely, not to advertise on real estate portals is a terrible idea for the opportunities for the operation to take place.


3- Fix the sale price of the property incorrectly

Sometimes the estimate of the value that the owners make on their own properties is higher than the real market situation. A good sale offer must have a price commensurate with the realistic sale price, otherwise your home may go unnoticed by potential buyers and spend too much time selling, until you consider lowering it.


4- Damages in the home

Not having the house ready for sale or its total enjoyment throws back a large part of the potential buyers, who are usually excited about the product for which they will normally pay a considerable sum of money. Carry out the necessary maintenance, repairs on imperfect ones that show off and take care of the appearance and cleanliness are basic aspects that earn many points to your property.


5- Do not include photographs or make them of bad quality

An ad without photographs or badly done does not awaken a feeling of really seeing the home, which will make potential buyers not feel excited to live in it and enjoy it. It is necessary that the photographs are good, and a real estate agency can make good photos normally.


6- Rent the house when its for sale

Tenants do not always have the house in good condition and that can make a bad impression on those who visit the property. Also, feeling that you are entering someone's home is a sense of intrusion that will make potential buyers more timid and spend less time looking at the house. Other times, it is not even possible to visit it due to the refusal of the tenant.


7- Do not go to a real estate agency

Really a good real estate agency is the best ally when it comes to selling your house, as it will take care of the entire process of advertising, customer service and bureaucratic paperwork; leaving you much more time to devote to other types of tasks. In addition, the cost of hiring the services of a real estate company in Spain for the owners is nil, since they add a percentage to the sale price that does not come from the owner's pocket. On many occasions, they can also open up the possibilities of selling to customers who speak other languages and can advertise on payment platforms such as magazines or real estate portals for professionals.