Are you planning your perfect holidays in Nerja? Are you interested in buying or selling in this town?

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In 2018, rent your touristic apartment in Nerja and stay abroad!

Inmobiliaria Nerja Holiday Rentals offers two types of charging methods for you to recieve the money of the bookings! Pyment when rented: you will recieve the payments while the apartment is being reserved during the season. Price guaranteed: we offer to our owner customers a Guarantee for the season, wich allows the owner to have the certain of recieveing a rasonable amount of money in prevision for the season or year. We take care of all, from the pick up of the keys to the property maintenance.


Book a Holidays Apartment

Book an apartment or house in and choose from hundreds of accommodations. Thousands from all over Europe choose Nerja as their holiday destination.


Buy or rent in Nerja

We offer homes to buy or rent to our customers (long term) in Nerja. The property portfolio of gives you the best chance to find the floor, chalet, house, apartment...


Inmobiliaria Nerja

Real Estate Nerja offers the possibility to buy, rent or book short stays in apartments, cottages, houses and other properties in Nerja. We have more than 300 apartments in different areas like Torrecilla Nerja, Burriana Beach, Capistrano, Zona Centro and we know the characteristics of each of these places. Since you are looking for the home of your dreams or a perfect holiday in Nerja or surroundings, InmobiliariaNerja will give you a personalized and efficient service.

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